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Stephanie and Chris Foucek

Merry Christmas to All!
Congratulations to Michelle! And love to John and all the Thompsons! We knew you could do it--this is a Christmas we will never forget. Enjoy some rest--you've earned it.
Lots of Love,
Steph and Chris

Kay and Tom Otto

We have been following your journey every day for 8 weeks, and are so happy to know that you made it to Costa Mesa safe and sound. Congratulations! John, we wish you a speedy recovery and healthy New Year!
Kay and Tom Otto

Alison Otto

Congratulations! It has been an amazing journey. Now we know: One person really can make a difference! John, best wishes for a new year (and many after that) full of good health and happiness.
Much love,

Heather Otto and Mike Liddicoat

Congratulations Michelle!! What an amazing trip! We are so proud of you, your courage, commitment and accomplishment! Best wishes to you, John and your family for a healthy and happy 2007. Love, Heather, Mike, and Kathleen


Congratulations Michelle, Merry Christmas to all!!
Enjoy the California sun and your visit with John and the rest of the family.

Ray and Jen

What better gift for Christmas than to arrive right on time after such a long journey! Best wishes to the Thompson family. It was hard to keep a dry eye watching Michelle ride up and give John a big hug. You've made this a Christmas we will never forget.

Ray and Jen

Glen and Julie Barber

You and your commitment to John are amazing! I and so proud to have met you, back in Auburn, IL. I couldn't offer much help that afternoon but to pray for you and I will continue to do so.
God Bless You!
Glen Barber

Donna Thompson-Becker

Well Michelle, what can I say? You are truly remarkable! I am amazed and inspired by your courage and dedication, not to mention your persistent determination. You made it a Christmas that I will never forget and will cherish close to my heart forever. I loved the time we had together on the road too.

Tracy L Thompson

The Thompson Family wants to thank everyone that made this happen. We can not thank you enough. This will be a Christmas we will never forget. Our angel and the Lord gave us a gift from above that money cannot buy. The family bond is the strongest thing we all share. Hold onto that with both hands. We hope everyone has a good new year and many more to come...With all our love to all of you!
John, Tracy & Christina

Shaye Hengst

What an amazing sister you are Michelle. And your brother, John, what a great kind strong person he is. John told me just yesterday about your trek and this website, and I've been on it a couple of times already with tears in my eyes. Congratulations. What you have accomplished is amazing. Your brother is so proud. :) He glows just talking about you. I hope you and your family has a healthy wonderful 2007.
Dr Larian's assistant

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