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Shari Benge

I heard about your website and your wonderful endeavor from John. I met John a couple of months ago at Cedars when he came in for surgery. I have been in nursing for over 15 years and he is one of those special patients that touched my heart. In November, he was a patient again. On your website you wrote wonderful things about John, which I have found to be true.
I really enjoyed spending time with him and feel blessed to be one of his many caregivers. He spoke about you, and is very moved by your commitment to raise donations. I am very impressed with your dedication and strength. I understand first hand how you may feel because my brother in law has been fighting a very rare oral cancer for the last five years. I wish you and your family a future of health and well being. John has an excellent team of doctors and I have faith that he will become well again. I also wish you the best of luck with your fundraising in these difficult times. I will spread the word.
Shari Benge
3rd floor Pre Op nurse
Cedars Sinai
(Originally sent as an email to Michelle, this was posted with the permission of both Shari Benge and John Thompson.)

Mike and Kathy Phelan

We were neighbors of the Thompsons when we lived in Glen Ellyn, IL, in the '70s. We have many great memories of the Thompson family.

One of the memories I have of John was when he was in high school taking an automotive class. I asked him if he would "tune up" my wife's car, and he graciously accepted. As hard as he tried, John was embarrassed due to the fact he was not able to start the engine when he thought he was done. After a few days, he reluctantly brought his teacher to our home to show him how to start the car, which he did.

I paid John for the work and asked him if he learned anything after this experience. He said, "Yes, sir, Mr. Phelan. I learned not to try to 'tune up' neighbors' cars anymore."

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